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Sync content between Adobe XD, Google Spreadsheets, and Microsoft 365 Excel. Translate, iterate, and personalize. Create faster. Iterate faster. Perfect faster.

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How It Works

Follow our quick start guide to learn more about how to get up and running.

Step 1: Push

Push content versions directly from Adobe XD to your spreadsheet.

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Step 2: Edit

Content versions and content keys are automatically created on a push.

Then collaboratively edit content using either


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Step 3: Pull

Pull content versions and update your design content.

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Consolidate Your Content

Centrally manage your content in Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft 365 Excel. Each column is a version and each row is a content key. Easily get your whole team collaborating on content.

Google sheet

Learn more about content versions and content keys.

Intuitive Interface

ContentSync integrates directly into the Adobe XD interface. Toggle versions and more directly in Adobe XD.

Adobexd sidebar

Learn more about the ContentSync Adobe XD Panel.

Preview Design Changes

Preview your content changes before they are applied.

Adobexd preview


Set your content keys to better represent your layers.

Adobexd customize key

Learn about the full range of features in our docs.

What will you sync?

Content iteration should be this easy. Start saving time today.


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