Sync Lite


No risk. Try today! Experience how ContentSync can help.

  • 1 Active Projects
  • 50 Syncs/month
  • 50 MB/month

Sync Master

per month per seat

Low cost plan to version your designs and sync more.

  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Unlimited Syncs/month
  • 100 GB/month



For advanced needs such as dedicated resources, custom integrations and larger scale deployments.

Every plan includes the best of ContentSync

Content Synchronization

Push and pull content easily between applications. Having a content "Gold Standard" has never been easier.

Integrated Tools

The deep integrations with Sketch and Adobe XD keep your workflow simple. ContentSync is built right into Sketch and Adobe XD so syncing is easy.

Content Security

No need to publish or make your spreadsheets public. ContentSync syncs with your private sheets using your authentication behind the scenes.

Visual Content Reference

The ContentSync Platform canvas gives a visual reference to your content for easy editing and iteration.

Answers to common questions

What permissions am I giving ContentSync?

ContentSync does not ask for permission to view / edit all of your documents. ContentSync's permissions only let it view and edit documents created with ContentSync. So your Google and Microsoft files are safe.

What is a sync?

Syncs happens in two directions: push and pull. A push sends data to your Google Spreadsheet. A pull receives data from your Google Spreadsheets.

A push or a pull is defined as per 500 content keys. For example, a push with 800 content keys would count as 2 syncs.

What is the data limit?

ContentSync pushes additional design metadata when pushing data from Sketch. This data is used for the ContentSync Desktop canvas view to see the content on your design.

Once you run out of data capacity for the month, your syncs will continue to work up to the sync limit however your designs will no longer update on the design viewer.

What happens if I run out of syncs?

If you run out of syncs, you will see a notice and a link to upgrade your account. Upgrade your account and you will immediately be able to continue syncing.


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